What is Radiant Power? 

Whilst the global pandemic has created enormous suffering it has also served as a painful wake up call to many, transcended barriers and boundaries and created a sense of a global population awakening with the strength of human kindness at Her heart like never before. 

Both the rise of the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matters bring to the fore the pain, abuse and suffering at  the hands of those in authority and power. 

Whilst it may feel uncomfortable what is now needed is for us all to reflect and reevaluate on our own relationship to Power. 

My own experience (like so many women's) was feeling the abuse of power through verbal and sometimes physical abuse, bullying, aggression, sexual harassment and narcissism. I was the victim  of men (and occasionally women) who enjoyed abusing their positions of authority and as a sensitive, empathic and introverted individual who grew up imprinted with codependency and people pleasing as a coping mechanism I was also an easy target.  

I found myself alternating between passivity and timidity and the aggressive, hard nosed and unsmiling  "career woman" just to survive. 

I didn't like or recognise either version of myself.

Finally I decided to refuse to compromise my gentleness, creativity, sexiness, vulnerability, and femininity for career success. I wanted to be respected for being the strong, resilient and capable woman that I am without being written off as the bitch with biggest balls. 

f you've read this far you know what I'm talking about. I choose to role model what heart centered leadership can look like. A way of BEING rather than doing that doesn't compromise compassion or integrity,  at the expense of strength, power and commitment.

 Ultimately what this meant was creating my own business, my own brand and my own system of working.

In this time of great dismantling and disassembling it will be this way for many of us. 


We are the creative spirit.

The generative life force.

The time for letting others give us a permission slip for how to live our own lives is over. 

You always have access to the conscious creative energy to transform your own life. 

This power will never require you to assert your dominance over any other living being.

For too long we women have shoehorned ourselves into a patriarchal paradigm of power based on competition and aggression.

Pushing harder, faster, stronger and working twice as hard just to get a seat at the same table as the big boys. 

Then we've burned ourselves out. 

Sooner or later something has to break. 

Your body. Your health.

Your beautiful spirit . . . 

Dear one. Don't let it be you.

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Our disconnection to our bodies and our land, our natural rhythms and cycles and our connection to our very Selves with all of our truest desires, passions and enthusiasm dries out  - our energy dulls, our life force is repressed and exhaustion sets in. 

They call it burn out - and that seems about right. But its much more accurate to call it drying out. A slow drying out of ourselves, our soul and Her desires. 

How do we reclaim ourselves?

I learned the hard way over many years it isn’t just one thing. Maybe some people are lucky enough to sit in a cave for a year and meditate themselves whole. For me it was an integrative process that I was tenderly led on by my own heart.

My journey has been as much about  embodiment as it is transcendence;  of rigorous mind set work as well as movement and about investing as much time in taking daily practical action to change behaviour as it is about energy healing from within. 


The Radiant Power™ System connects you to your true power.

Cutting edge and award winning mindset tools including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and transformational coaching  remove limiting beliefs and obstacles from the subconscious mind and uplevel a rapid change in behaviour with the conscious mind. 

Ancient wisdom practices from spiritual traditions including meditation, breathwork, mystical movement and Archetypal Goddess initiation calm the nervous system, cultivate joy  and help women to deeply connect to a self sustaining place of peace, power, wisdom and nourishment from within themselves and the planet. 


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