“Radiant Visibility” 40 day Immersion PACKAGE

With Transformational Radiant Power Coach and Inner Peace Mentor Dominique Didinal

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Unlock your Radiant Power

And break through your FEAR OF BEING VISIBLE with this wonderful FREE 3 part video training and workbook.

Radiant Visibility IN JUST 40 days?

I see you Radiant Woman. You’re a beautiful and big hearted entrepreneur or executive with a yearning to make a big impact on the world.

You long to creatively express yourself and share your fullest potential on this planet. But there’s something getting in your way

And you know that it sometimes feels like pushing water up a hill to take the right action that gets results.

You long to feel comfortable in your own skin and just show up, speak from the heart and allow the “real you” to be seen.

But that invisible force makes it feel like you're wading through treacle every day just to take the smallest of actions.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there!

You know deep down that...

The longer you hide out and stay stuck in self sabotage the further away the life and business of your dreams feel.

How painful it is to watch more days, months and years go by as you think about but never quite take action.

That if you don’t do something fast to shift - you’ll be stuck living out your days completely unfulfilled.

That you are tied up in knots by the horrible voice of that inner critic whose negative bashing wears you down so much you never get out of your own way.

That the bullies in your life and your work are going to win if you don’t figure a way out.

The dreaded Facebook Live or that terrifying board presentation that has your stomach tied up in knots means procrastination, insomnia and burn out beckon.

You’re drained now from constantly firefighting bullies and/or a toxic work environment and it’s started to chip away at your self esteem and only going to get worse.

Dear one, you know deep down that to be truly successful is going to mean pushing way out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be seen and heard in a way that you never have before. 

You’ll need to own your visibility, value and your voice to create meaningful change, impact and influence.

Yes Please!

Imagine what it would feel like if you could:


Finally start sharing your true authentic self from the heart and be creatively self expressed.


Stand up to the bullies in the boardroom and get rid of imposter syndrome and perfectionism for good.


Launch that dream you have of a podcast, women’s group, or circle.


Finally start owning your truth, standing up for yourself and speaking from a place of radiant power and impeccable boundaries.


Feel so confident in who you are and your message for the world that you effortlessly articulate it easily garnering rapport and respect and winning over your friends, colleagues and the people that count.

Beatrix went from high anxiety and nightly insomnia to sleeping through the night, a happy, harmonious home life, exciting new job opportunity and creative new career possibility!

“My biggest success was developing the feeling of safety and letting go of my constant anxiety. My sleep and also my confidence improved in a big way. I can be myself, and not care how other people perceive me (what greater joy is there in life than that?) and I developed higher emotional resilience. I can sense that Dominique is all about helping women overcome their insecurities and she deeply cares about the women she works with. I want to thank her for making such a huge difference in my life. I was about ready to give up on myself. I want to thank her for being so loving and presenting me with the best example of a strong, and at the same time really feminine woman I can hold in front of me as a role model. She really is an exceptional woman and healer and I’ve been lucky to have found her. “

Beatrix, Neuroscientist, USA.

Unlock your Radiant Power

And break through your FEAR OF BEING VISIBLE with this wonderful FREE 3 part video training and workbook.

Dear heart,

You know what you need to do, but cannot bring yourself to do it.

You keep getting in your own way.

You wish you could feel free

  1. Free from the past.
  2. Free from guilt.
  3. Free from fear of being judged, humiliated or rejected for revealing the “real you.”

And free to love and believe in yourself so you can finally find inner peace, reconnect to your authentic confidence and realise the divine success that you deserve in a way that feels feminine, graceful and full of ease.

My Radiant Visibility 40 day immersion is a powerful combo of Rapid Transformational Therapy ™, HeartHealing ™, Feminine Power Coaching, Sacred heart centred meditation practices and Goddess archetype work.

It’s a highly effective approach with practical application and tools that gets results that go far beyond what any one hypnosis or meditation practice can access.


My Radiant Power System™ works at a different...

Level not just reprogramming the mind from hidden subconscious beliefs that hold you back but also healing the hidden wounds of your heart that are blocking your true radiance. Once the true root cause of what is blocking you is found and healed (trust me it is never what you think it is!), I will imprint your mind, heart and soul for radiant visibility and authentic confidence to help you take fast action that will bring you more impact, influence and income along with the comfort that you are living your fullest potential with desire, grace and ease.

If you are anything like me or my other clients then you may have tried a lot of different healing tools and therapies in the past.

Whilst you may have noticed a shift it didn’t really create the big change you were looking for.

Other therapies or coaches may have only worked at the level of the mind with you or just treated the symptoms and tried to change the problem behaviour without healing what has actually caused it in the first place.

I’ve learnt that working with only one approach simply doesn’t go deep enough. We are not just minds we are living breathing spiritual beings with emotions, bodies and a complex energy system too.

Sian shifted from feeling scared of speaking up for her truth and stuck in a toxic work environment to successfully negotiating a new work structure, pay rise and future pay review!

"I was able to influence and change my ‘stuck’ circumstances in my career and was awarded a pay rise. I could stay focused on my goals and build confidence from within. It has been such a journey to be able to feel more confident in sharing my opinions and ideas and feeling that they are indeed worth sharing. I am incredibly glad and grateful that I took this step and these unexpected shifts have really opened up in my life."

Sian, Senior Account Director, UK.

My Approach

The Radiant Power System is a powerful mix of HeartHealing™, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hridaya (Spiritual Heart) Meditation, embodiment work, energy healing, Goddess archetypal work and and transformational Feminine Power coaching, It brings something truly innovative, potent and life changing to women on the brink of evolution looking to self actualise and realise their full potential at this time.

After working for over a decade in a successful but ultimately soul destroying career in brand and marketing I quit to travel the world and follow my heart - to rediscover what truly lit me up. I travelled on an extensive 7 year Heroine’s Journey around the world eventually retraining as a Hridaya (Spiritual Heart) Meditation and Yoga teacher and I helped to facilitate and sit in hundreds of days of silent meditation retreat as well as teaching yoga classes to 60 - 100 students at a time.

Yes Please!

In yoga one of the first things we learn is that we are not just a physical body, we actually have 5 bodies - and in the Radiant Power system we affect healing at the level of all of them.

Mental Healing
Emotional Healing
Energetic Healing
Physical Healing
Spiritual Healing

Underpinning The Radiant Power System are four crucial pillars critical to the divine success of women at this time:

The ability to be held in a sacred, safe container of transformation.

To receive the support and nurturance of sisterhood.

Make a commitment to reclaiming our inner feminine power, our intuition and our trust in life to organise around our success.

Redefine our relationship to power - as something that can be heart centered, inclusive, loving and generative rather than the abusive and corrupt toxic systems of power so many of us have experienced at work or witnessed played out on the world’s larger political stage.

How can I help?

Don’t worry - just because I burned my life to the ground to avoid burning out I don’t expect you to as well! In fact I think I went the long, hard way around the world and on my own journey to learn exactly what not to do(!)  and how to make the process of transformation as easeful, safe, gentle and rapid for others as possible! 

I saw exponential growth in myself and with the female executives and entrepreneurs who came to me after starting to work on my mind, heart and energy through my powerful tools. 

I work with women all over the world using video call. If you are not quite sure which area you need to work on, I will help you work that out during our deep dive consultation to make sure we are getting you maximum results in the shortest amount of time. My 3, 6 and 12 month packages are available if you are a woman ready to invest in huge transformation.



Reveal and heal the hidden wounds of your heart that are stopping you having more money, love and success?

Finally break free from the constant battle with feeling unloveable, unworthy and not enough?

Unlock the deepest fear of visibility, rejection and abandonment and shift out of self sabotage and holding yourself back from the success and joy you deserve?

Heal your deep childhood wounds in a way no other approach has been able to?

Finally launch that podcast, women’s circle or programme into the stratosphere!

Discover a new found love and zest for life having let go of the negative thought patterns, anxiety or depression that held you back.

Effortlessly speak up as the leader you were born to be and easefully rising to your next level of income, impact and influence.

Feel supported in your journey with expert 1:1 Radiant Visibility from Dominique Didinal.

One & Only

I am one of the only HeartHealing Practitioners in the world which incorporates deep emotional healing at an energetic level. You won’t find this deep level of transformation anywhere else.

I experienced significant transformation in my life and the area of confidence and visibility after working on myself using The Radiant Power system. I am so grateful I have these tools to use with my clients too. Working on unlocking your Radiant Visibility and Authentic Confidence based on my tried and tested formula could be the  missing ingredient from anything you've ever tried before.

Yes Please!

Irene went from deep procrastination to launching her first women’s programme!

“Working with Dominique has been so uplifting and so profound for me. Before starting the programme i felt very unconfident had a lot of fear and doubt in myself and my business and my wisdom. I feel so much more open and clear in the direction of my business, there’s been a positive shift in my energy in my believing of myself, trusting myself. Dominique really created a safe and nurturing space to help guide me in showing up every day as myself. Thank you so much for everything you did for me, I really really appreciate it <3”

Irene, Teacher, USA.

The Radiant Visibility 40 Day Immersion.



1 x 60 minute Sacred Soul Activation: A deep dive coaching session to uncover the hidden wounds blocking your fear of being seen and rising to your next level of success. We get really clear on the outcomes you want from our work


1 x 90 minute Heart Activation session. A powerful HeartHealing™ session that will genuinely blow your mind and heal a past relationship that has been holding you back in every area of your life, especially your lack of confidence and fear of being your true self.


1 x 90 minute 1 x Rapid Transformational therapy session - a potent power combo of hypnosis, inner child work and NLP to dive to the root cause of your pain, self sabotage and lack of results, heal it and rewire your mind for transformation.


4 x 60 minute Transformational Feminine Power Coaching sessions. I strongly believe in action oriented coaching as much as insight. Together we get clear on the tangible actions you can take with my support and strategies to help unlock all of your own value and powerful resources and take action to create the business and life that you love in a way that feels nourishing and supportive.


A personalised transformation recording to permanently imprint success into your mind, heart and soul and unlock Radiant Visibility.



1 x 15 minute Divine Heart Meditation

2 x 15 minutes - Accessing Feminine Power meditation and visualisations.

1 x 20 minute. Goddess Isis Soul Empowerment Activation.

The Radiant Powerhouses

Private Facebook Group for past and present clients.

This is an exclusive and sacred container for present and any past clients who are working on being seen and would like a safe place to play, try out, fail, make mistakes and practice all things online facebook live with coaching from me.

Ongoing Support

Online support via FB messenger or Whatsapp - up to an additional 30 mins per week available monday to thursday.

Lacey went from hiding out to launching her first podcast

“I had the most incredible experience with Dominique...
She helped me see myself from a completely different, liberating perspective. I felt such clarity and understanding of what’s been holding back in being visible and confident in my business. Something shifted immediately. Thank you so much Dominique. You have such a wonderful energy about you!”

Lacey, Entrepreneur, USA.

Your Investment


Radiant Visibility 

7 week



  • 1 x £599 upfront
  • 1 x £599 after one month
  • 3 x £399 per month.

Double Package Option

Often my clients continue to work with me once their initial package is complete. 

If you purchase a 3 month Double Package Option we work on Radiant Visibility for the first 6 weeks and then the final 6 weeks is tailored bespoke for you to go deeper on your journey.

For some clients - once they have established a sense of safety and self worth - their intuition and sense of creative possibility opens up and we go on the journey of discovering their Radiant Soul Purpose. For others the longing is to dive deeper into the journey of self love or anchoring exquisite self care into their daily life after years stuck in over giving and people pleasing. The choice is yours and we are always able to adapt as we go.

Yes Please!

Your Investment




Payment Plan 1

Split Payment: £1100


Payment Plan 2

3 x £800


Pay in Full Bonus (7 week Immersion) 

1 x 90 minute Brand and Marketing Strategy Session:

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to rise to your next level in the business then use this amazing value bonus to get clear on your dream client, nail your key messages and your niche and position your brand for divine success and make the most of my decade’s worth of experience in brand and marketing strategy in the corporate world.


1 x Gem Essence Reiki Energy Healing session:

We’ll work with beautiful jewel essences (created in the same way as flower essences but with precious stones instead) invoking the vibrations of the 7 rays in this deeply relaxing healing session. Together we ground your energy, uplevel your frequency and calibrate your chakra system to the resonance of your chosen Ray of Light.

Pay In Full Bonus (DOUBLE PACKAGE)

1 x 90 Minute Brand Marketing Strategy Session


1 x Gem essence Reiki Energy session 


1 x Healing session with one of my trusted healers below.

Sally and Claire are my “go to” loving guides for when I want to release some more blocks and rise to my next level of divine success! They will help you integrate and anchor your transformation and take it to the next level. 

1 x 120 minute Homeopathy appointment with Sally plus secondary 30 minute follow up. This is a gentle, deep dive of nourishing “you” time. Sally uses divination and dowsing to prescribe the most potent and effective homeopathic remedy to integrate your energy field, insights and growth  and accelerate your transformation.

1 x 90 minute EFT Matrix session with Claire. This is tapping but not as you know it! Laser like energy healing on the quantum plane at its most easeful and lighthearted. You’ll focus on one particular issue that’s arisen in our time together and is still holding you back from your full radiance and remove it at its source.

“I loved working with Dominique she is such an amazing human being, So lovely and such a phenomenal healer. What I loved the most is that she goes to the root of the problem and dissolves it. I didn’t have to talk about my issues for years and years - she just realised where the root block was and dissolved it. I really strongly believe that any technique is only as good as the therapist behind it and Dominique is so phenomenal at what she does and literally I see in my own life - she transformed it - and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

Beatrix, USA.

Additional services for purchase

Brand Guidelines Plus Logo design: £500

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve opted for our 90 minute Strategy Session then get the results of your work artworked into a beautiful Brand Guidelines pdf document that will include a logo for your business and website, your colour palette, typography, mood board, social media covers, instagram style palette and social media icons so that you can present a consistent and professional and look you love for your business from the get go.

Release the worry and anxiety of finding a graphic designer or knowing what to ask or how to brief them - I do all of that for you! You get a practical guide for all future designers working and most importantly for yourself.

Package includes: 

-  Brand Guidelines 

 - Colour Palette

 - Typography

-  Style of Image 

-  LOGO design (with reversed out and small scale / stamp options) 

-   Social Media Icons

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1 x  Rapid Transformational Therapy or HeartHealing  £222 

A transformative additional healing session for you to identify the root cause of what is holding you back, heal the limiting beliefs and emotional wounding that has you spinning your wheels and stuck in self sabotage .

So much progress happens when we shift the internal obstacles to what's holding us back - I've realised that strategy and conscious behaviour change is nothing without doing the inner work. 

If you'd like to accelerate your healing book an additional DeepHealing session here: 

Session includes: 

  • 1 x 20 min Discovery Chat
  • 1 x 90 min RTT or HeartHealing session
  • 1 x 20 min Bespoke audio hypnosis recording.
  • 3 x weekly check ins over 21 days. 




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Unlock your Radiant Power

And break through your FEAR OF BEING VISIBLE with this wonderful FREE 3 part video training and workbook.