Join me for Radiant Goddess 1 month immersions or your own bespoke deep dive into the teachings of Feminine Power and Meditations on the Spiritual Heart.

Radiant Goddess: 1 month immersion

Join me for a deep dive into the Divine Feminine. We activate your puja (sacred ritual) with a Goddess Ceremony and Activation call followed by a powerful HeartHealing session. You will then follow a beautifully curated 21 day self led ritual working with the Goddesses Durga, White Tara, Gaia or Lakshmi with email support from me and a final completion ceremony. Price: £777

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Feminine Power Coaching: Month by Month.

A transformational model of coaching that assists women on the brink of evolution who have struggled in a “power over” patriarchal system - redefine their relationship with power, resource themselves in a way that amplifies their “feminine” skills and transform at the level of their identity for greater confidence, fulfilment, alignment to their soul purpose and connection to intuitive wisdom. Price: £555

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The Goddess Initiations: 21 Day Self Led course.

Beautifully curated 21 day self led rituals working with the Goddesses Durga, White Tara, Gaia or Lakshmi. Choose which Goddess you wish to invoke for your sacred ceremony, receive a powerful audio recording, an initiation from the Goddess Isis and downloadable workbook for your journey. Price: £222

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HeartHealing™ Single Session

HeartHealing focuses on the most radical transformation you can experience - healing your heart. It’s a revolutionary approach combining scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deeper , more profound shifts. Targeting the wound of “I’m not good enough” or Self Love, Self Trust, Self Worth or Self Acceptance it has been created as a relationship based model of success that is attachment and trauma informed. The goal is a sense of wholeness and freedom that impacts every area of your life.

You receive:

1) 1 x 30 min Discovery Call

2) 1 x 90 min HeartHealing

3) 1 x 20 min bespoke hypnosis recording.

4) weekly check ins over 3 weeks.


Price: £222

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1 x 60 minute Sacred Marketing Strategy session.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to get clear on your business then this power hour  will help you gain crystal like clarity on your ideal client, nail your niche, define your brand and point of differentiation and start to articulate your key messages - and help you do it all in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy or inauthentic!  £149

1 x 60 minute Sacred Oils Reiki Energy Healing session

We’ll work with the healing power of a Sacred oil and mandala channelled for you to help gently and delicately  heal your soul wound, bring clarity to your spiritual path and raise your frequency for the journey ahead. The Sacred Oil will perform her powerful healing in conjunction with a deeply restorative and relaxing distance Reiki session.  £149

“ I had generally been feeling a little lost and confused. I was lacking confidence in myself and my actions. After working with Dominique I really felt a positive shift in my thoughts, behaviours and beliefs, I was much more confident in being me and showing up for myself and the people around me. With clarity I created my New Moon circles and have been doing so since with less fear of being seen. I’m truly grateful for her guidance. She’s very authentic and generous with her time and commitment.”