A SACRED 90 day RESET of your health, wealth and life. 

Serve at your highest level of impact, influence and leadership - in a way that feels deeply nourished,  rested and connected. 

Radiant Woman

You know you’ve been running on fumes recently. The stress, anxiety and overwhelm of working ALL THE HOURS  has started to take its toll.  That little voice inside keeps whispering  “is this it?”  and it’s getting louder everyday. You know there must be a more meaningful impact you’re here to make but you have just not given yourself time to listen to it. And what’s more you’re terrified of what will happen if you do?  

❎  You’re highly strung, stressed out and exhausted from battling a relentless work schedule and the bullies in the boardroom.

❎  Your confidence has been chipped away by competitive work colleagues and the ugly voice of your own inner critic

Now, more than ever, you know something has to change.

❎  Your loved ones only get a fraction of your time, you can’t seem to ‘clock out’ and close your laptop, and now your office and bedroom are one and the same (hello overworking, goodbye intimacy)! 

❎  You’re frazzled from desperately OVERGIVING to earn your seat at the table with the big boys, but even working twice as hard and no matter what you do - it’s Just. Never. Enough! 

❎  You’re surrounded by power posturing and bullsh*t and hate having to disconnect from your body wisdom and hide your intuition and your softer feminine self just to be taken seriously. 

You’re sick (quite literally!) and tired of sacrificing your health (tension migraines  and dragged out digestive issues anyone?) and the awful toll it’s taking on your relationships and sanity. 

Yes! I'm Ready to Rise


Before your body creates a chronic health condition that gives you no choice! 

You and I both know you can’t keep sacrificing yourself like this without a serious price to pay. 

The old patriarchal order is crumbling and a new day is dawning. 

You were led here to receive a DIVINE AWAKENING and ACTIVATION into your RADIANT POWER.

The Good News is…

Right now Mother Earth has asked us all  to take a break from our relentless

doing and this is the perfect time to relax and replenish your tired, burned out self. 

Yes - Show me How!

What if you could...

💫  Reconnect to your softer feminine self, your inherent body wisdom, soul truth and intuition and use this as the incredible power that will shift every aspect of your life.

💫  Cut off the dead weights of old emotional energy and limiting beliefs that are keeping you burned out in fight or flight and finally listen to your inner self, your deepest soul yearnings and set your desires FREE! 

💫Learn how to rise up in your Feminine power and serve at a deeper level of leadership, vision and authority WITHOUT having to compromise your health, compassion or your sanity! 

Wouldn't it feel great to...

✅   Ditch the stress-work-sleep-stress cycle and the hamster wheel of do do do and relentless overgiving that leaves you feeling drained with zero energy to enjoy life, your kids or even steal a kiss from your man. 

Shift into the  calm and serenity queen, full of vitality, nourished and able to head back into the fray reset to inner peace no matter what! 

✅ Turbo charge your confidence and heal your fears of being seen so that you can stand up for yourself,  show up, be valued and serve at a  whole new level of leadership, impact, vision and authority. 


Ignite a flow of ease, joy, and abundance in life...without having to work your behind off for it by reconnecting to your divine feminine nature and the power and beauty of Mother Earth.

Reconnect to your innate body wisdom and  intuition  to make wise choices in divine flow that creates a leap forward in your relationships and career path in line with your divine soul’s journey.

Leave the numb, robotic, corporate grind behind and reclaim your sensual, wild, feminine self to rocket fuel your radiance and discover a whole new level of juicy intimacy with yourself, your partner, your body and your beauty. 

Rediscover your deepest desires and soul yearnings to activate and set yourself on a path to manifest your fullest potential, destiny and expression in this lifetime.

Book a FREE 30 minute heart to heart and we'll lay out the plan for your rapid and radiant RISE into your power for your next level of leadership, vitality and life! 

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