A deep dive into THE 10 COSMIC WISDOM GODDESSES of Tantra. 


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Join Dominique for a deep dive into the mythical Feminine and explore the radiance of The Dasha Mahavidya - the 10 Great Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra as a way to ignite powerful personal transformation in your life. 


Each Goddess represents a different "face" or quality of the Divine Mother. Some may be familiar to us - the fiery power of Kali or compassionate Goddess Tara - others more mysterious - the sacrifical courage of Chinnamasta or the smoky void of the crone Goddess Dhumavati...

 We begin our initiation into THEIR POWER with the Great Mother Goddess Kali on November 2nd (the Day of the Dead) 2022 and complete with Goddess Kamalatmika in 2023.

Come for one, some or embark on a powerful sacred journey into the mystery of ALL 10 Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses.

Ceremonies will be held approx.  every 21 Days commencing November 2 2022 through to MAY  2023 at Cullerne House, Findhorn Road. Participants are also given the sacred practices to maintain a 21 day self - led puja (ritual) back at  home after the ceremony to go deeper in connection with their  Goddess. 

Each ceremony lasts 2 hours and will include: 

 GODDESS Invocation & practice with the sacred geometry (yantra) and sacred chanting (mantra) unique to that Goddess.

 An introduction to the Dasha Mahavidya and how invoking their Divine qualities can become a powerful path to spiritual awakening and personal transformation. 

 Meditation, mystical dance poetry and energy and embodiment practices from Tantra and Taoism.
The sensitive sharing, softness, love and support of sisterhood.

Nourishing ceremonial Cacao  will be a part of the 2nd, 4th and 10th ceremonies.












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Journey into Goddess - The Online Programme - Launching 2023

If you would like to join me on this journey into The Ten Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses remotely then I will be launching a 10 week online temple space and programme commencing early 2023. 

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More about The Dasha Mahavidya

"The Dasha Maha Vidya Yoga, the “Yoga of the Ten Great Wisdoms,” is an essential element of Tantra Yoga and consists of the adoration of the ten basic energies of manifestation and of our lives. The Universal Energies of eternity, compassion, space, knowledge, love, beauty, purity, vacuity, courage, sacrifice, fascination, stopping, transformation, concentration, harmony, healing, splendor, wealth, abundance, and celebration."

These Hindu Tantric Goddesses represent  the feminine personification of the ten different divine personalities of God as the Divine Mother and signify an important shift in Shaktism as Bhakti or adoration of the Divine started to rise. 

Invoking and working with the qualities of the Goddess represents a powerful path of spiritual awakening and personal development and transformation in its own right. Invoking these powerful energetic archetypes can assist us with amplifying their divine qualities in our own lives, purifying the limitations of the subconscious mind and transcending the traps of the ego. 
Dates and Details as follows: 
1) November 2nd: Kali: Goddess of Time, Evolution and Transformation
2) November 23th Tara: Goddess of Compassion & Healing
3) December 14th: Tripura Sundari: Goddess of Dazzling Beauty and Bliss
The dates for 2023 to be confirmed 
4) January 25th Bhuvaneshvari - Queen of the Universe, Goddess of the Heart Space.
5)February 15th Bhairavi - Goddess of Fiery Self Sacrifice. 
6) Chinnamasta - Goddess of Courage and Striking Force
7) Dhumavati -Crone Goddess of the Void
8) Bagalamukhi - The Goddess of Stunning Stillness.
9) Matangi - Goddess of Expression, Creative talent and Play.
10) Kamalatmika  - Goddess of Abundance, Fertility and Beauty. 
Please book in advance so that instructions on dress and what to bring can be supplied in advance. 


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More About the Ceremony

Mystical Dance

Discover the mystical and ancient art of dance as a form of moving prayer, self expression, discovery and connection to our own inherent mystery.


Meditation and Women's Circle

Together we’ll create a safe container and sacred sisterhood to nurture and support our healing, growth and transformation  through diving deep into dyads (sister partner work) sensitive sharing.

Sacred Ceremony

Channel your high priestess as together we perform sacred rituals, chants and ceremonies to call in the Divinely Feminine Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra.

Suitable for Beginners

This sacred space and exploration is suitable for women of all ages and levels of experience including beginners. 

For more information, please contact [email protected] 

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About your Guide:

Dominique trained as a Mystical Dance Teacher, a Hridaya (Spiritual Heart) Meditation Teacher and a Hridaya Hatha Yoga instructor, helping facilitate 10 day silent retreats and teach yoga retreats to hundreds of students at the Hridaya Yoga spiritual school in Mexico.

She is a Findhorn practitioner currently living in the community and shares Eileen Caddy's Guidance and the practice of Inner Listening to the global Findhorn community every Monday and Friday mornings (9am UK time).

Dominique Didinal is a Radiant Visibility Coach & Inner Peace mentor and founder of Radiant Woman - helping heart centered women overcome their fear of being seen, anchor in authentic confidence, align to their soul purpose and rise to their next level of success for greater impact, income and influence in a way that feels nourished, rested and connected.

What past participants of Dominique's Divinely Feminine offerings have to say! 

A genuine safe and sacred container for exploring many aspects of the divine feminine, for healing and surrendering with support for sisters. This workshop is a divinely held series of ceremonies, rituals and celebrations of what it means to be a female in this shifting paradigm. Creative, multifaceted, diverse, a smooth flow between movement, integration sharing and I loved the ceremonies!

All of it has been so beautiful and empowering, thank you for blessing us with your creative and inspiring manifestation of the Divine Feminine

Neema Star, USA

I am so deeply grateful that Dominique is facilitating this work of the Divine Feminine with such pure awareness and integrity. The depth of the ceremonies were deeply moving, healing and inspirational. I leave with a deep sense of connecting to my own beauty, that of my sisters and the limitless power of the divine feminine. Fierce and sultry, nourishing, wild and liberated.

Thank you for holding space for such an experience and for allowing it to be witnessed in the process.

Cassie Minto, USA

Very enriching! It was my first time doing a spiritual experience like this it has inspired me to want to do more. I felt really disconnected from my body and within a couple of hours I was completely revitalised! I have walked away feeling such a strong connection to my true self with a beautiful gratitude for the power of sisterhood and the magic these circles can bring. Dancing is such a wonderful expression of the self and being supported by inspiring women in a safe circle is so humbling and enriching.

Carly, Australia

She showed me a part of myself I had not taken time to explore and get to know before. I’ve discovered an incredible depth in my feminine being that I always rejected until now. I felt the power of connecting with sisters and sharing sacred space and i felt a deep connection with my womb space that i never experienced before

Mette, Denmark

I was really able to let go of so much drama involving my relationship with my mother. I now have room in my heart for compassion and love towards her.

Plus I am always too intimidated to dance and “you tricked” me into it. Apparently I like to dance!

Katie, USA

loving, energetic, sexual, fun! - a profound and powerful reminder of the sacred feminine that lives within us all. A joyous safe space to connect with body and soul, magical!

Ali, Canada

Dance of the Divine Feminine

This weekend has just been unbelievable and being someone who has been quite disconnected from my body i feel completely different.

I was first attracted to the dancing aspect of it and thought it would be a great way to unblock emotion and connect to my inner child but it has gone far beyond that and i feel like a new person or rather - back to myself. IT’S such a safe and kind hearted space that Dominique held. She really is such a beautiful and inspiring person.”

It inspires you to be the majestic, beautiful loving person that you really are and that’s definitely what i’ll be walking away with after this weekend. I high recommend doing this it won’t be my last one for sure, i’m so grateful.


I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Dominique for the last couple of weeks. She’s taught yoga, meditation and a beautiful workshop on the divine feminine (Goddess of the Healing Heart) Through studying with Dominique I’ve learnt so much more about the heart and really developed such a profound connection to my heart. I’ve found the practices she’s taught me have been really helpful both on the cushion and in my life, helping me deepen my connection to my self and to other people. Also the divine feminine teachings have been really powerful, Kali and Tara and all of the wisdom that Dominique has - she has so much wisdom to share if you are looking for a teacher to guide you through the divine feminine I really recommend learning from Dominique

Lindsay, Toronto, Canada

That workshop really empowered me, there were certain times when i felt really connected to a part of myself that I hadn’t connected to before. A big part for me was reflecting inward about my idea of the divine feminine and how i really related to the feminine divinity within myself and others. There was so much that i loved about it! It was beautiful, thank you.

Courtenay, Toronto, Canada