FREE 7 Day Build a Daily Meditation Practice Mini Course

Ease stress, anxiety and the fear of uncertainty and cultivate a calm, clear head and deep connection to your heart  no matter what life may bring. 

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She Says...

"The most wonderful feelings of peace and peace with everything and everyone around me is what has amazed me." Vimala, UK.

"Thank you so much for this course. I LOVED IT!" Renate, Norway

"I felt like I was with Dominique having my hand held by a friend I trust. ...My mind felt clearer and put back into perspective the things that were 'out' " Susan, UK.

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When the world feels like it's falling apart...take heart.

It may feel difficult to trust in politicians, big business or the media these days But we always have access to an inner wisdom and guidance system that will never steer us wrong. The skill is learning how to listen.

Join me for a FREE deep dive to take control of what we can - our feelings, thoughts and emotions. And discover a beautiful, wider more expansive space that is always available within us. 

Now, more than ever, we need to learn to listen to our own inner authority. The wisdom of our Spiritual Heart. 

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