Prioritise your workplace wellbeing - improve mental and emotional health, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance creativity and productivity and improve focus and decision making with these tailored 1 hour, half day and full day workshops.

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1 hour, half day and full day Wellness Workshops for Women and Mixed teams.

Tailored sessions for your teams - Workshops cover the key steps and practices to reduce stress and anxiety and prevent burnout. Themes include calm and regulating our nervous system, building emotional resilience, cultivating self compassion and enhancing positive mood, productivity, focus and creativity.

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Group hypnosis with demonstration, talks and presentations

Very often it’s the limiting beliefs and thought patterns of our subconscious mind - the “old programmes” we’re running that hold us back. These powerful and safe Group Hypnosis sessions combine hypnotic induction, visualisation and neuro linguistic programming to help employees and teams upgrade and uplevel new healthy belief systems focused on capacity, self confidence, wealth building and success for for rapid results.

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Women’s Health and Wellness Circles, Weekends and Retreats.

Tailored womens wellbeing workshops and retreats for your female identifying teams! Get out from behind the desk and into your body, learn to shift stuck emotional energy, gain peace and calm with simple meditative practice and cultivate joy. We tune into and discover how to work with the natural rhythms and cycles of our body to gracefully manage our menstruation, maternity and menopause cycles with more awareness, kindness and ease.

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