ARE YOU SEEN AS THE LONE WOLF AT WORK? HERE’S WHY…(it’s not what you think)

May 22, 2021

Yesterday I talked about the three limiting beliefs we hold at a subconscious level that keep us from rising into our divine success as leaders contributing our soul gifts to the world.

If you are the lone wolf at work you may pride yourself on your creative genius and strategic vision

Or your strong sense of independence and the capacity to be a self motivated self starter that doesn’t need others to go, go , go.

But there is also a more painful reason when our dysfunctional level of independence in the workplace hinders rather than helps us.

Today I want to talk about the deeply internalised fearful subconscious belief of:


…Why it’s so insidious and how it holds us back from high performance.

If we have this limiting belief it might show up in our daily working lives as 

🐺 Being seen as the rebel or lone wolf and not a team player.

✨ Be brilliantly creative and strategic but struggle to sell in our vision and bring the team “along with us”.

🐺 Be seen as aloof, unapproachable or difficult to get to know from our superiors or our team.

✨ Have the tendency to drift into daydreaming and our own vibrant inner world. 

🐺 Labour under the belief that we need to do it all ourselves and so never ask for the support we need

✨ We don’t let others get close, so that they never have the chance to leave and we don’t have to suffer the pain of abandonment (which feels like death to the young us) when they do. 

✨ Creative possibilities and abundance come primarily through our connection to people, place and things. 

And when we believe we are all alone - we are disconnected from that wisdom and the opportunities and the riches ready to flow our way.

Are you a lone wolf at work? 

In my work with female leaders - they found that once they’ve reclaimed their Radiant leader and healed these core beliefs they are able to make the most of their creativity and their vision.