In this time of precarious uncertainty taking care of ourselves and each other's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well - being has never been more important.

Using the simple practice of connecting to our heart space in  meditation these gentle audios help restore joy, calm and tranquility.

Free Meditation Audios

Divine Heart Meditation (Binaural Beats short)

Discover my daily four stage process for cleansing and clearing stagnant energy, centering in a field of coherent and peaceful heart energy, cultivating compassion and connection to the divine - short 10 minute version with binaural beats background. (NB do not listen to binaural beats if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures.)

Divine Heart Meditation with binaural beats.


Cultivate a sense of delight, exhilaration and joy for no reason with this short meditation. Perfect for listening to before you start your day - through managing our own energy and emotions we learn how to awaken that divine spark within us of ever present love, peace, comfort and joy.