In this time of precarious uncertainty  taking care of ourselves and each other's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well - being has never been more important.


Using the simple practice of connecting to our heart space along with meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and hypnosis techniques these gentle audios help ease stress, aid sleep and restore calm and tranquility. 

Divine Heart Meditation (Binaural Beats short) 

Discover my daily four stage process for cleansing and clearing stagnant energy, centering in a field of coherent and peaceful heart energy, cultviating compassion and connection to the divine - short 10 minute version with binaural beats background. (NB do not listen to binaural beats if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures.) 

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Calm Anxiety and Boost Immunity Hypnosis

Theta Healing Vortex

This is an incredibly powerful energy healing technique known as the Healing Vortex scripted by award winning and world renowned psychologist and hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and set to a Theta Healing sound track to induce deep suggestibility and relaxation. 

Reprogramme your mind and instruct your body intelligence for vitality, health and a powerfully resilient immune system. 

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Trust in the Abundance of Life through Mother Nature Guided Hypnosis

Relax, replenish and release all fear, anxiety and scarcity thinking and shift into an abundance mindset with the help of Mother Nature. Learn how to rest and feel deeply safe, love and supported by life, open and ready to receive all abundance, prosperity and blessings of all kings. 

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Centering in a Calm and Compassionate Heart. 

Discover this powerful  four stage process  to cleanse and clear stagnant energy, centre in a field of coherent and peaceful heart energy, cultivate loving compassion and appreciation as the set point for co creation, connection to the divine, and how to crystallize an inspiring vision and intention for your life. 

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