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Reclaim your radiance, your resilience and your power..

Wave bye bye to the burn out, bullies and imposter syndrome and lead at your next level of impact and influence without compromising your health, your sanity or your life!

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RADIANT POWER Coaching Immersions

Beautifully mentored  30, 60 and 90 day private coaching programmes that provide a potent framework for transformation hitting the RESET button across all areas of your life.

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Forget paint balling - corporate wellness retreats for female team members that are nourishing, creative and fun!  Improve emotional wellbeing and enhance trust, communication and relationships.

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From Byron Katie to Richard Rudd - I speak to the world’s leading spiritual teachers on mastering our mindset and emotions and explore the mythology and poetry of the Divine Feminine to enrich our lives.

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Hi I'm Dominique

I worked for over a decade in some of the most masculine industries in the corporate world: property, railways and finally football.

Then I remembered something...

I hate football! 

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"Working with Dominique really presented a breakthrough for me. I learned to practice stillness, acceptance and release of thoughts and emotions which no longer serve me. Her voice is like soothing music for the soul."

Tari Johnson
Holistic Coach, USA.

"Dominique got to the heart of the issue. She heard, helped, held and offered the most amazingly: work-and-life-changingly valuable advice that went to the core of my being.  We, women working for themselves, all need support, mentorship and guidance of this kind. Go see Dominique She helped me SO much"

Founder - Shivani Touch.

"Dominique's amazing to work with; compassionate, emphatic, soft and so gentle.  She truly understands your struggles and pain and helps you navigate into the root cause so that you can conquer your weaknesses.  You really get into the nitty gritty of what's holding you back in your life. I highly recommend her!"

Eva Wexler
Founder, Clean Karma.USA.

"I had the most incredible experience with Dominique... She helped me see myself from a completely different, liberating perspective. I felt such clarity and understanding of what’s been holding back in being visible and confident in my business. Something shifted immediately. Thank you so much Dominique. You have such a wonderful energy about you!"

Lacey Grevious
Therapist, USA

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